One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to manage customers, stocks, and services in a cost-effective manner. An excellent Distribution Management System simplifies and manages each phase of the distribution chain from customers, ordering, delivery, payment, inventory, and right through to services management. The complete information can be accessed on the screen which enables to automate the business processes and take real-time critical decisions. Distribution Management System facilitates the coordination of sales work in a best possible way.

Advantages of Online Distribution Management System

  • Business automation helps to decrease the business workflow problems. Online Distribution Management System is specifically designed to automate complex business process workflows and its functionalities. Automation almost nullifies communication breaks, reduces processing time, and minimizes administration cost which allows you to give complete attention to your business activities.
  • This application helps to increase revenues through improved sales efficiency and customer servicing. It provides the simplest way to run and manage daily sales activities in a best way and maximizes sales performance. This application is also equipped with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features which improves the customer satisfaction and increases the customer retention rate.
  • Our powerful application helps you to analyze your business in a most efficient manner. It gives you a convenient and effective mechanism to integrate the information and data concerned with your business, partners, customers, suppliers and stock which makes business critical decisions easier. Our application allows you to generate complete reports and charts for doing business analysis.
  • Management of online orders and online sales can be done in a cost effective and organized manner using VRM’s Distribution Management System. Our solutions facilitate your business to perform online trading with your customers and partners via internet. If your business service coverage is spread nationwide or across countries then you can take advantage of our application’s features like online requisition and online transaction.
  • Operation cost can be reduced and also there is a significant dip in the cost of deployment and maintenance by using our application. Our solution has proven to help businesses to save more than 50% of communication, information processing and management cost through effective business automation. We provide a 100% complete web based solution which is most ideal and cost-effective for multiple users and distributed network environment.