Office Intranet application is unique and efficient web based software designed to help human resource departments, managers and business owners to improve their internal communication via the intranet. Intranet application enables employees to view their vacation schedules, check corporate policies, review employee handbook, download expense report, participate in internal polls, take employee surveys, view corporate organization chart, take a skill test, monitor progress, check for latest updates from company’s management and much more.

To enable seamless communication between the management and the employees, we have developed the office intranet application, which also has a strong Employee Relationship Management (ERM) system. This application is designed and developed using the latest and advanced technologies for handling the human resource management system in any organization. ERM facilitates instant, effective, quick and secured interaction between offices and remote staff. It helps system administrators to securely manage and broadcast information to relevant users, facilitates instant communication of company news and build easy reference document and knowledge libraries which are fully secure.

Intranet Application key features

  • Web based intranet – Access anywhere using VPN / Intranet
  • Low cost Solution – Runs on shared hosting or dedicated servers
  • Easy and Quick Implementation – Standard Intranet Modules implemented within 45 days
  • Single sign on – Configure with active directory (AD)
  • Secure Intranet – User profiling / Menu Authorization & access control
  • Easily configurable to communication with third-party application
  • Unlimited users and Departments

Various fields where office intranet can be used

  • Intranet for hospitals
  • Intranet for manufacturing companies
  • Intranet for retail industries
  • Intranet for training institutes
  • Intranet for software companies
  • Hosted intranet
  • On premise intranet implementation
  • Cloud based intranet

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